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Types of applications​

  • Metal Sheeted
  • Roof corrosion resistance
  • Tiled roofs
  • Asbestos and Nutech roofs
  • Concrete slab roofs

Why Choose Our Products

Significant installation cost savings for clients

Minimal surface preparation required
One coat system

Environmentally friendly and safe

VOC free
Non toxic
No special protective clothing needed
All products are solvent-free
No special clothing needed for application

Superior Performing Eco Membrane

Bonds to most construction materials
Seamless membrane that protects substrate against corrosion, water damage, and chemical attack
Elongates 100% with 95% recovery
Withstands thermal cycling
Puncture resistant
Strong UV exposure
Exposure to industrial chemicals, water, salt, acid rain, soil and airborne contaminants

eco rubber Acrylic Sealant

eco rubber Acrylic sealant is a Lead-Free Low VOC highly flexible, UV Resistant, water-based sealant that is used for Jointing, Filling, Caulking and Grouting.


Eco Rubber is an Acrylic polymer emulsion coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesive, elastic & protective properties.

eco Insulate

Eco Insulate is a thermal insulative barrier coating, formulated on an elastomeric polymer base. This water-borne coating boast with cutting edge technology where glass microspheres are added, resulting in a significant reduction in interior temperatures. Used by Eco Rubber approved applicators.

wood rubber

Wood rubber has been specially formulated to waterproof different wood surfaces (log cabins, wendy houses, wooden decks, facia boards, etc). It is UV resistant and can handle high traffic. Used by Eco Rubber approved applicators.


Ecocrete is a waterproofing protective, durable and decorative coating, formulated on an elastomeric polymer base, created specifically for concrete floors/surfaces. Used by Eco Rubber approved applicators.
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